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What about me?

What defines me :
A faithful and human look upon the business world

Let me introduce myself

I have been a professional photographer for more than twenty years now, and have mainly exercised my profession in Paris.

Portraying VIPs and the business world is my predilection activity.

I begin each project with fresh eyes and an open mind in order to tell a new story and to offer a unique photographic style that fits the spirit of your company.

My career path

My extensive collaboration with Le Monde, Grazzia, Psychologie Magazine or Challenges and my experience at Studio Harcourt have provided me with a rock-solid professional expertise and an ability to put my clients at ease and to understand their demands.

After a few years at Bordeaux and in the United States, I now exercise my profession in Paris and shoot reportages in France as well as abroad.
Upon my return from my many trips abroad, I would always bring back dozens of high-quality pictures. One day, I decided to divide them into several limited sets and proposed them to collectors.

They are now offered for sale as fine art on online websites :

Fine Art

I have always been a portraitist, but I now divide my working hours between two activities : professional photography (public figures, executives, companies) and artistic projects often relayed by the press, such as my pictures of the Bataclan objects Published in Le Monde :

And my project entitled Being twenty years old, a century after November 11th, 1918 also published in Le Monde

Avoir 20 ans Le Monde

What defines me :

A faithful and human look upon the business world

It has been my choice to make the business world my field of expression. I know its codes, understand its challenges and enjoy revealing, with special attention to style and authenticity, the faces that constitute your company’s personality.

A passion for portrait

A portrait is first and foremost a meeting. And as ephemeral as it may be, it is a crucial stage of my artistic process, as it enables me to understand my subject’s character, and therefore to enhance it in the most natural way.

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